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Bandidos MC Allersberg: 17 years – and still not enough!

It´s a tradition that parties in Allersberg are always well frequented – so on Saturday, 17th of February, too. That´s not only due to the well known good mood of the Brothers, the plenty of food and drinks, the cool music or the beautyful girls, it´s moreover the special atmosphere of an old-school-feeling of club-history there. For todays Bandidos´ NVP Käse1%er in 2000 not only changed a millennium - it was also the change of a former MC Road Eagle-Chapter to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Anyway Allersberg started as the first Prospect-Chapter of Bandidos MC Germany.

And since that time this crew of the first hour gave evidence what Loyalty means: Allersberg can state proudly that eight men of the starting crew are still Members of the Chapter. For that reason alone Chapter Allersberg has every right to celebrate their Brotherhood. And one who attends regularly this annual event can witness to the best of one´s belief that it is an outstanding pleasure to party in the Clubhouse in Allersberg which counts to the most inviting within the biker scene in its area.

From party to party one highlight chases the other – that´s what Bandidos are used to. But this Saturday evening presented a very rare highlight of La Familia in the Club: The now Onepercenter and former Probationary-Bandido Felix of Chapter Bogen did not only reach his full-patch, he further more got the „2nd Generation“-Patch! He and his father, Vida la Miembro Bandido Fritz1%er, do now both wear the full-colour of the Bandidos MC – congratulation, well done Brothers.

We can summarize as yesterday so today Bandidos Chapter Allersberg gives an example how the red-and-gold-lifestyle is put into action. Last but not least let´s quote what NVP Käse1%er has said two years ago at the 15-Years-Anniversary: “On its own by the history of so many years of heartfelt brotherhood, unforgettable pleasure of excursion and outstanding party events we face the best argument to carry on celebrating our lifestyle of Love, Loyalty and Respect within the Bandidos MC as long as we can ride a bike.” - There is nothing more to add!

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