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Bandidos MC Indonesia 8 Years & Bangka Isle Chapter 5 Years

On 3rd March 2018 both Bandidos MC Indonesia and Bandidos MC Bangka Isle Chapter celebrated their 8 and 5 Years Anniversary. The joint celebrations were held at Sol Marina Hotel in Bangka , Indonesia witnessed the solidarity and the strong brotherhood amongst the 5 Chapters of the Bandidos MC Indonesia.

Bandidos MC Jakarta, Bandidos MC East Jakarta, Bandidos MC Bandung and Bandidos MC Kuta had turned up together with their Official Support Chapters to the ceremony.

Representatives from the National Chapter Asia, Nomad Chapter Asia, both KL City and Straits Malacca Chapters from Bandidos MC Malaysia, both Sin City and Lionsgate Chapters from Bandidos MC Singapore together with Presidente Asia Bandido Ning 1%er were also present.

The President of Bangka Isle Chapter Bandido Dahlan 1%er had hosted a welcome dinner to all visiting brothers whom arrived a day earlier at his resident. They were treated with buffet spreads of local traditional foods and fruits including durians (The king of fruits). Free flows of local beers and locally brewed fermented rice wine produced and distilled in the factory owned by one of the members from Bangka Isle Chapter, brothers were seen enjoying their drinks till late.

On the day of the ceremony, the brothers waste no time to catch up with one another at breakfast. By 11:00 am, all brothers were led to Tongaci Beach. Brothers who had the opportunity to ride were led through the coastal road by Bangka Isle brothers; while the remaining brothers were transported by bus. Along the way, brothers were taken to one of the most popular chinese temple where they had an opportunity to meet a shaolin monks from China. Upon arrival at the beach, they had a chance to explore the beautiful white sandy beach plus the gift shops along the beach. They were also served with sumptuous seafood buffet spread for lunch. At around 2:30 pm members gathered by the beach for an official photo shoot before returning to the hotel.

At 4:00 pm a meeting was held chaired by Bandido Ning 1%er. After the meeting, it was a free and easy for all members. Everyone started to make way to their rooms to chill back before the party in the evening.

At 7:30 pm members began to gather in the ballroom. At around 8:00 pm the ceremony kicked off with a speech by Bandido Ning 1%er and Bandido Yan 1%er. It was followed with cutting cake ceremony to mark the historical event by Bandido Ning 1%er, Bandido Yan 1%er and joined by the President of Bangka Isle Chapter, Bandido Dahlan 1%er. The full pack ballroom was at its cheering ambience and sing along as the band started performing with the song titled “Bali Bandidos” made popular by the group called The Hydrants.

Throughout the evening, they exchanged gifts and momentos between the host and visiting Chapters including the official Support Chapters and invited guests. Bandido Gema 1%er from Bangka Isle Chapter received his 5 Years patch and a Bandido Probationary member from Kuta Chapter received his fullpatch status. The brothers were once again served with an international buffet spread and free flow of beers. The celebration ended around midnight.

On the next day, brothers had checked out early from the hotel and were brought to the fishing farm owned by a member for a farewell lunch before making their way to the airport.

Utmost respect and gratitude goes to the National Chapter Asia, Nomad Chapter Asia, Bandidos MC Indonesia, Bandidos MC Hua Hin, Bandidos MC Phuket, Bandidos MC KL City, Bandidos MC Malacca, Bandidos MC Sin City, Bandidos MC Lionsgate, Diablos MC Cha Am, Diablos MC Jakarta, Diablos MC Cimahi, Diablos MC Bandung and Diablos MC Lampung, Cazador MC Bandung, Brados MC Kuta and X-Team Cimahi to be part of this memorable celebration.

Our special thanks also go to MBC Bangka, Abok MC Bangka and Kamikawa MC Bangka for coming to our anniversary party.

Love, Loyalty & Respect

Bandido Jamal 1%er Sec-Treas / PR Team
Bandidos MC Sin City
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