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BMC Racing Team Pro Twin Bike Swedish Championship 2018

The first competition 2018 takes place at Vårgårda Dragway May 11-12 about 70 km's east of Gothenburg. The distance is usually 1/4 of an English mile. Some dragways is 1/8 of an English mile. At Vårgårda Dragway the distance is 1/8 of an English mile.

The Swedish BMC Racing Team operates a Harley Davidson with a turbo that gives 230+ horse powers on the back wheel. The bike is modified by Bandido Raffe 1 %er from Höör in south of Sweden who is also the pilot in the Racing Team. Bandido Raffe 1%er got the license for competing in Pro Twin Bike Dragracing in 2017. This is the first competition of the Swedish BMC Racing Team.

The Swedish BMC Racing Team starts the qualifying heats on Friday May 11. Brothers and candidates from Prospect Chapter Höör, BMC Rockriver and BMC Gothenburg attend and supports the BMC Racing Team the first day of the competition. The qualifying consists of elimination heats. After eight heats BMC Racing Team are in the finals. The heats in the finals takes place on Saturday May 12.

Saturday May 12 supporters, candidates and brothers from Kvillebäcken MC, Support Team X, Prospect Chapter Höör, BMC Gothenburg, BMC Rockriver, BMC Engelholm, BMC Helsingborg, BMC Stockholm, BMC National Central Scandinavia and BMC National Europe attend and supports the BMC Racing Team. When the starting lights turns green Bandido Raffe 1 %er gives full throttle. Unfortunately the bikes clutch plates melt and leaves the bike standing on the starting line.

Even though the bike didn't race in the finals because of the destroyed clutch, the Swedish BMC Racing Team finishes on 5'th place because of the results in the previous qualifying heats. The competitors are impressed of the results. In the start of the race, the competitors didn't consider us a threat because of the look of the bike and the inexperience of the team. This attitude changed with the results of the team. One of the competitors says that he didn't get as good results as BMC Racing Team did in Vårgårda, during the entire season 2017. The results of the Swedish BMC Racing Team will be even better at the next race at Kjula Dragway May 26-27 in Eskilstuna 100 km's west of Stockholm. The distance at Kjula Dragway is 1/4 of an English mile. To be continued...

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