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Gone But Not Forgotten – Brotherhood doesn´t end by death!

Gone But Not Forgotten – Brotherhood doesn´t end by death!

On Saturday, 06th of March the whole Bandidos MC was deeply shaken by an unexpected case of death. Because of a heart attack Bandido Michael 1%ER, El Secretario-West Central, took much too early the last journey to the Forever Chapter.

He was not only well known as the Club´s German media spokesman and officer of his Chapter Recklinghausen, but further highly estimated which was shown by the numerous participants who paid last respect at the funeral on Saturday 16th of March.

Besides his family and Club-Brothers a lot of other Motorcycle Clubs and friends attended as well. Bandidos-Nation gave an impressing evidence of loyalty beyond the limits of living days. Entering the church his picture was placed next to the book of condolences for a final salute and the graveyard was decorated with the colours our Brother has lived for.

Two Brothers honoured Michael1%er with a farewell spech accompanied by selected music. In moving words the speakers brought to mind the walk of his live and his character we will miss. The coffin was carried by nobody else than some high-ranking Bandidos-Officers. On the last steps of Bandido Michael1%ers earthly journey to get committed to mother earth for eternity he didn´t walk alone. His Brothers marched side by side showing that he is gone, but not forgotten.

The less the horizon is the end of our route,
the less the death is the end of our brotherhood.

After the funeral a memory ceremony was held where the Brothers did what surely Bandido Michael 1%ER would have wanted them to do: they took care to strengthen company and deep brotherhood by spending time together. Bandido Schwabe1%ER, El Secretario-East Central, one of the two who did the farewell speech commented: „A lot of roads diverge in life. Our Brother Micheal1%ER chose the one only a few choose in their life – but it was the right one! Now it´s to us to show our character in the way we carry on the road we went together with the ones who died with our colours.”
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