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Desaru International Bike Week 2019

Realizing the importance of strengthening the spirit of Brotherhood and to enliven Malaysia and also Asia Biking scene; The Desaru International Bike Week 2019 (DIBW19) was initiated by a group of Harley Davidson enthusiast and collaborated with the State of Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia. The 4 days event which starts from 13th to 16th of Sept were participated by local and international Motorcycle Clubs.

Dubbed to be Malaysian own 'Daytona Bike Week' with a pinch of beach motorsport elements, both Bandidos MC Malaysia and Bandidos MC Singapore had decided to join forces to support the event together with the members from the Prospect Chapter Johor, Malaysia where the event was being held.

The limelight of the event was beach drag race where Nomad Daniel from the Bandidos Asia Racing Team had decided to take part. Upon hearing the interest and confirmation by Nomad Daniel; National Vice Presidente Asia, Brother Dragon had given a task to Prospect Ajib from Prospect Chapter Johor to have a bike ready for the race. Prospect Ajib who is a trained mechanic in mechanical engineering and owns a motorcycle workshop in Johor had taken the challenge positively and within 5 days, he had created a racing machine from a Harley Davidson Road King frame with a 96 cubic inch motor.

Despite the jet legs for travelling more than 15 hours from Europe to Singapore by air and couple of hours more to Johor by land, Nomad Daniel did very well in the qualifying rounds and had qualified for the semi-finals. However, due to his work commitments, he was unable to complete the race on the following day and the task was given to the bike builder, Prospect Ajib. Once again, Prospect Ajib stood his ground and won both races in the 500cc and above plus the open category.

It was an awesome weekend for both Bandidos MC Malaysia and Bandidos MC Singapore. Not only we made our present felt, we did it positively by winning the beach drag race competitions. Thank you to all brothers in Bandidos MC Malaysia and Bandidos MC Singapore for displaying the great support and brotherhood. Big fat thanks to Prospect Chapter Johor for their hospitality and commitment.

Love, Loyalty and Respect

Bandido Jamal 1%er
El Secretario Asia
PR Team
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