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  21. October BMC MESSINA 50th BIRTHDAY PARTY BANDIDO TANO 1%er NVP view poster
  21. October BMC OSLO 22 Anniversary Party BMC Oslo & BMC Drammen in the clubhouse of BMC Oslo view poster
  21. October BMC STARNBERG Season End Party view poster
  21. October BMC UNNA Schlager Party view poster
- NEW! - 21. October BMC NARBONNE Bandido Julot 1%er birthday party view poster
  28. October BMC KENT Halloween Party  
  28. October BMC MÜNSTER Halloween Party view poster
  28. October BMC FREDERIKSTAD 20 Years Anniversary view poster
  28. October BMC FREDERIKSTAD 20th Anniversary Party view poster
  28. October BMC SIEGEN 10th HALLOWEEN NIGHT view poster
  31. October BMC PASSAU Tres Rios Halloween Party  
  3. November BMC COPENHAGEN 20 Years Bandido Buller1%er and Bandido Mick1%er  
  3. November BMC COPENHAGEN 15 Years Bandido Luffe1%er and 5 Years Bandido Mahler1%er  
  4. November BMC CUXHAVEN Clubhouse Opening  
  4. November BMC BOCHUM Thanksgiving Party  
  11. November BMC KASSEL Jägermeister-Party in Kassel view poster
  18. November BMC THESSALONIKI Fullpatch Party Thessaly  
  25. November BMC TRESTAD 2 Years Anniversary Party and Bandido Tony 1%er:s Birthday Party view poster
  2. December BMC DUISBURG Nikolausparty  
  9. December BMC KENT Christmas Party  
  9. December BMC LIMERICK x-mas Party  
  16. December BMC WEST SIDE 10 years anniversary of Bandido Nino 1%er & Bandido Frank 1%er view poster
- NEW! - 16. December BMC MARSEILLE Nomad Jean-Marc 1%er Birthday Party view poster
  16. December BMC MERAN X MAS PARTY 2017 view poster
  16. December BMC WEST SIDE 10. Anniversary Bandido Nino1%er and Bandido Frank1%er view poster
  22. December BMC HAMM X-MAS Party  
  31. December BMC DRAMMEN New Year Celebration Party  
  13. January BMC ESSEN Wild Things International Ruhrpott Tabledance Contest view poster
- NEW! - 13. January BMC NARBONNE Narbonne Chapter 7 years Anniversary Party  
  10. February BMC COPENHAGEN NORTHSIDE Bandio Joen 1%er 10 years anniverssary and Bandido Friske 1%er 5 years anniverssary  
- NEW! - 17. February BMC ALLERSBERG 17th Anniversary Party view poster
  7. April BMC BAD KÖNIGSHOFEN Corte Real Memory Party view poster
  23. June BMC EAST COAST Denmark 25 years anniversary  

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