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  25. March BMC HELSINGBORG Release Party for Bandido Tommy  
  25. March BMC SIEGEN Memory Party for Bandido Wikinger 1%er & Bandido Harry 1%er  
  25. March BMC BAD KÖNIGSHOFEN Fat Mexican Night  
  31. March BMC HELSINGØR Bandido Pelle 1%er 15 years and Nomad Jimmy 1%er 20 years anniversary  
  1. April BMC STOCKHOLM 15 Years Anniversary Party & Bike Show view poster
  1. April BMC MUNICH La Fiesta Bavaria  
  13. April BMC ESBJERG Easter Party  
  15. April BMC HALDENSLEBEN 10th Easter Party view poster
  21. April Probat THESSALY Spring Party view poster
  22. April BMC KENT St. Georges Party  
  22. April BMC OSNABRÜCK 16th Bandido Night  
- NEW! - 29. April BMC TALLINN Tallinn 6th anniversary view poster
  29. April BMC NEUWIED 5 Years Anniversary Party  
  30. April BMC NEUWIED 5 Years Anniversary Party  
  6. May BMC HERNE 13 Years Anniversary Party  
- NEW! - 6. May BMC TRESTAD Birthday Party Bandido Putte 1 %er and Bandido Samir 1 %er  
  6. May BMC KENT England Party  
  6. May BMC COPENHAGEN NORTHSIDE Bandido Rieks 1%er 5TH anniverssary party  
  6. May BMC SIRACUSA 5th Anniversary Party view poster
  6. May BMC STARNBERG May Party  
  13. May BMC FREDERIKSTAD Memory Run view poster
  13. May BMC FREDERIKSTAD Memory Run  
  13. May BMC DUISBURG 7th Memory Party Bandido Harry1%er  
  20. May BMC UNNA La Noche Mexicana  
  20. May BMC INGOLSTADT Memory Run Bandido Rio1%er and Bandido Fonse1er  
  27. May BMC BOCHUM Burger-Party  
  27. May BMC MERAN 9th Garda Lake Party view poster
- NEW! - 3. June BMC HOLBÆK Bandido Umar 1%er memory run  
  3. June BMC NORTH GATE 5th Anniversary Party  
  7. June BMC NORTHCOAST 20th Memory Run Bandido Bjorn1%er G.B.N.F. view poster
  10. June BMC TAMPERE Tampere 15th Anniversary Party  
  17. June BMC KENT Summer Party  
  17. June BMC NORTHCOAST 20th Anniversary Chapter Northcoast & Copenhagen. 15 Years Anniversary Coast Town  
  17. June BMC KRISTIANSAND 4th Anniversary Summer Party  
  17. June BMC NORTHCOAST Scandinavian Party  
  23. June BMC MÜNSTER Summer Jam Party view poster
  24. June BMC INGOLSTADT 3rd Beach Party  
  24. June BMC MÜNSTER Summer Jam Party view poster
  1. July BMC BOCHUM 1 Euro Party  
  15. July BMC HELSINGBORG Memory Run Bandido Joe 1%er and Bandido Face 1 %er GBNF  
  22. July BMC ANTIBES 8th Anniversary Bandidos MC Antibes & 5 Years Anniversary of Bandido Ced 1%er view poster
  19. August BMC BOCHUM Straßenfest  
  26. August BMC KENT 3rd Anniversary Party  
  16. September BMC MERAN 14th Memory Run Bandido Paul1%er view poster
  16. September BMC BOCHUM Jahresparty  
  22. September BMC MÜNSTER 16th Anniversary Party Chapter Hamm, Muenster and Osnabrueck  
  23. September BMC MÜNSTER 16th Anniversary Party Chapter Hamm, Muenster and Osnabrueck  
  30. September BMC INGOLSTADT Mexican Oktoberfest  
  30. September BMC HELSINGBORG Memory Run Bandido Huhle 1%er GBNF  
  14. October BMC LIMERICK 2nd Anniversary Party  
  14. October BMC NÜRNBERG 6th Anniversary Party  
  21. October BMC UNNA Schlager Party  
  21. October BMC BAD KÖNIGSHOFEN Season End Party  
  28. October BMC KENT Halloween Party  
  28. October BMC MÜNSTER Halloween Party view poster
  31. October BMC PASSAU Tres Rios Halloween Party  
  3. November BMC COPENHAGEN 20 Years Bandido Buller1%er and Bandido Mick1%er  
  3. November BMC COPENHAGEN 15 Years Bandido Luffe1%er and 5 Years Bandido Mahler1%er  
  4. November BMC BOCHUM Thanksgiving Party  
  9. December BMC KENT Christmas Party  
  9. December BMC LIMERICK x-mas Party  

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